Thursday, 3 March 2016

Harbour Parade

In 1872 Harbour Parade wasn't the same road it is today. It was a route to get to the harbour, the Sands Railway and for some the "bathing beach as it was known.
The Sands station was constructed between 1862-1865 and before it came to be the view was this
As you can see there was quite a drop to the beach and today it is level all the way along testimony to how much chalk was dug out of the tunnel.
Harbour Parade has been variously known as East End, Waterside, and Goldsmid Place. This is a view of it when Goldsmid Place
There was also no Albion Hill until 1893 so access to Albion place was from King Street. Another view looking the other way.
The road was much narrower as there was warehousing, The original Customs House, the harbour office and a police station.
The obelisk was a centre of attention with a wrought iron fence around it and enclosed within the gates of the harbour

The Colonnade can just been seen to the right however this was removed in 1897 after a storm severely damaged it. Just over the gate can be seen a row of shops and a public house "the Harp"

 The Sands station can just be seen above the damaged colonnade.
Ramsgate Boulevard with the London Restaurant just to the left (now the Belgium bar and Peter's fish Restaurant)
Several more views of the harbour area to finish

Much of the old buildings were removed when Albion Hill was put it opening up the harbour from both East and West. Then the warehousing, Customs House, Harbour Office and police station so the route to thhe station was widened. The Alexandra PH was removed and rebuilt along with the Queen's Head. Then of course the Pavillion was built were the colonnade once stood.

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