Monday, 7 March 2016

Sands station 1862-1926

In 1860 the Eastcliff undercliffe looked like this
 below picture is from 1830
This one above shows the coastguard cottages.

In 1862 plans were put forward to open a station just behind the popular Ramsgate main sands.
Wiki says the following
"The Herne Bay & Faversham Railway company was founded in 1857. In 1859 it became the Margate & London Railway, and two years later took the name Kent Coast Railway, by which it was known for the rest of its independent existence. It built a line from Faversham to Whitstable Town in 1860, extended it to Herne Bay & Hampton-on-Sea in 1861 and opened the section from there to a station called Ramsgate on 5 October 1863. This was much closer to the seafront at Ramsgate than its predecessor, Ramsgate Town, which was opened by the South Eastern Railway in 1846."
Wiki article here   

 Until 1926 many people used the Sands to get to Ramsgate Main Sands but as the Wiki article says re-organisations in the Railway system meant the station was closed in 1926. It is rumoured it became unsafe to use however I can find only 2 accidents the result od one can be seen below
In 1926 after it closed the station and tunnel was bought by Ramsgate Corporation.
What happened to the site will be subject of further blogs but for many years it became leisure facilities

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