Saturday 5 March 2016

Royal Victorian Pavilion

In 1897 the colonnade behind the main Ramsgate beach were destroyed in a major storm

This is the view before the storm.

And these are the views after.
The damage was considered too great to repair so it was all cleared away and in 1903 a new building was designed and built in 6 weeks to replace it. 100+ years later it is still there albeit in a poor condition internally.
This is how the Victorian Society describe the beginnings (link to article)
"The 1903 Grade II-listed Royal Victoria Pavilion was designed by architect Stanley Davenport Adshead in the style of a Robert Adam orangery.  It was apparently designed in a week and built in six weeks for the opening of the summer season. 
Commanding a central position on Ramsgate seafront, the building was once a vibrant public space, housing a concert hall and assembly rooms. Today, it stands dilapidated and deserted, having been closed since 2008.  Its open arcade has been infilled and much insensitive modernisation has taken place.  Balconies and decorative crests have gone – and with them the sense of fun that the building embodied. 
Positioned right on the beachfront, the Pavilion should be at the heart of Ramsgate’s life.  It needs a sensitive refurbishment and a suitable long term use so that generations of locals and visitors can continue to enjoy it."

Pavilion thru the ages

The Pavilion is no stranger to damage during its life.

However its current situation since Rank moved out in 2008 and the further internal damage caused when Asbestos was removed in 2010 leaves a lot of internal and external work required.
I was fortunate in 2014 to be allowed to walk round inside and even though there is no power the internal damage is apparent. Lets hope that the recent announcement that Wetherspoons has submitted plans to reopen come to fruition and the building can be sympathetically restored and Thanet can enjoy the building for another 100 years.
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  1. Hello, a fascinating read. Thank you. One question - where was the location of the theatre stage...?

    I know the Royal Victoria Pavilion well but can't work out where it was! Or is it located in the closed off section next to the new ugly development?